Do I have to get the barcode decals?

We provide the barcode decals for you. If you wish to obtain them from an other source, that is fine. If you source them from somewhere else, it is important to use code 28 as that is the code set for the reader when you use a smartphone's or tablet's camera.

Do I have to purchase a hand-held barcode reader?

We will provide you with at least two depending on the size of you facility. If you want additional readers, we can provide them as well for a small fee.

Is this web based or an app on my phone?

SafetyCheetah is purely web based. There are no apps to install on any of your devices.

Who has my data?

Your data is on our secure servers. We do not use hosting from a third party. Your data is with us and only us.

Can I have my data kept on a server at my facility?

Yes. If you wish to be the keeper of your own data, we can put a server at your location for your facility. This will involve additional costs, however.

Can I customize the device inspection forms?

Yes, you can customize any, or all, of the forms..

When a vendor inspects a device for me, does he have to use SafetyCheetah to record the results?

No. You can scan the results and upload the PDF to SafetyCheetah. Or if you do not want to upload the results, you can simply put the date of service in SafetyCheetah to show its completion.

If I want to scan results to upload to SafetyCheetah, how do I accomplish that?

If you plan on uploading inspection results to SafetyCheetah, we can provide you with a scanner.

Do we get training when we purchase SafetyCheetah?

Yes, we will show you how to use the system.

Can I get a turn-key system?

Yes. We offer a complete turn-key system that we will barcode all of your devices and enter them into SafetyCheetah. All you will have to do is start using it.

Can I get notifications of inspections that are due?

Yes, you can receive reminders by email and or text message of inspections needing to be completed.

Can I get reminders to schedule vendors to do the inspections that we do not handle?

Yes, SafetyCheeetah will remind you to schedule inspections with vendors. The reminders are based on a lead time you enter for each particular device. You can choose to be reminded 30 days to 6 months in advance of the inspection.

How do I get my inspection information out of SafetyCheetah?

All inspection records can be downloaded in PDF summaries that you can put nicely in your binder. Data can also be downloaded in MS Excel format for you to view on your computer.

How long is my inspection data kept?

As long as you keep your account active, you data will remain available.

Does it matter what kind of tablet I have?

The only requirement is a blutooth connection for the barcode reader.

Does it matter what kind of smartphone I have?

You can use any brand of smartphone. However, if you plan on using the camera to read the barcodes, the phones with good cameras work best - iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any other similar quality smartphone.

Can I use a barcode reader with a smartphone?

Yes. You only need to pair it with the barcode reader just like a tablet.