"SafetyCheetah is a specifically designed cloud-based system for digital inspection and record keeping of life safety equipment for Healthcare Facilities."
What does that actually mean?
That means you can go completely digital and toss the file cabinets, binders, and excel spreadsheets. No more paper checkoff sheets for inspections to lose, find, and lose again. No more organizing countless papers in a binder only to have to try to find the specific one you need for an inspection. Any inspection record you need will be at the tip of your fingers - or really a click of a mouse.
With SafetyCheetah's barcode technology, the paper inspection sheets are in the distant past. Even if you have paper sheets, they can be scanned and uploaded to SafetyCheetah for quick and easy future access.
When you purchase SafetyCheetah, you will receive all the necessary hardware to you will need to use the system. This includes: barcode labels, barcode scanners, and a document scanner.
Training, device labeling, and device setup is available at several levels. Tech support is always just a phone call away.
Coordinating inspections and keeping up with what has been inspected along with what still needs to be is a very stressful task. With SafetyCheetah, your stress levels will fall as all it takes is a glance at the CheetahBoard to see exactly where you are at with inspections, failed inspections, and appointments with vendors with scheduled inspections.
Andrew, the maintenance manager, from MRH says "SafetyCheetah turns a 35 hr job into an 11 or 12 hr job." With all the added simplicity, naturally the time your employees spend on inspections will decrease substantially. This not only will save you money, it frees up man-hours allowing them to do other important tasks.

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